An easy-to-use API Solution for creating, validating, and filing tax statements

Create high-quality tax statements and submit them electronically
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Getting Started Is Easy.

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Start creating, validating, and filing statements.

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An API solution that does what you want and stays out of your way.

No software to install. No new programming languages to learn. No uploading or downloading files. Just integrate OtterTax into your existing programming stack to
Check your statements using our custom validation engine.
Download draft copies for review by form recipients or your accounting department.
Download final copies for electronic distribution or mailing in standard envelopes.
Transmit your statement data to the IRS or the Social Security Administration.
Check the status of your data after you’ve transmitted.

You want to focus on running your business, not tax compliance.

Tax compliance is tough. Validating statements is time consuming and error
prone. Filing statements with the IRS or SSA is complicated. Mailing statements to recipients is a hassle. Mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars in penalties.

Our API allows you to create, validate, and file your statements programmatically so you can deliver high-quality statements to your customers or employees with minimal effort.

Have you spent too much time and effort on:

Validating statement data?
Producing paper copies of statements and distributing them to recipients?
Archiving and retrieving statements?
Formatting and sending data to the IRS or SSA?
Creating high-quality PDF versions of statements?
Tracking the status of statements?
Our easy-to-use API eliminates these headaches.  Start with one of our sample programs to build a stand-alone application or integrate it into your existing stack.

An API Solution With The Features You Need.


Our API is written in GraphQL, which is widely supported, well documented, and efficient. GraphQL is easy to integrate into your existing programming stack, and high-quality tooling is widely available.

PDF Statements

PDFs produced by the API are easy to read and visually appealing. All text in the PDFs is searchable. The files are small, and printed versions of the PDFs fit in standard envelopes.

Validation Engine

Our validation engine lets you check your data before you submit it to the IRS or the SSA. The validator checks data types, looks for missing data, and reviews your data for common errors.

Electronic Submission

All statements are submitted to the IRS and the SSA electronically, saving you the headache of filling out and mailing paper forms.

Status Updates

The status of all statements is updated regularly so you can be sure that your forms are accepted by the IRS and SSA.

Draft Statements

Draft versions of all statements are available before your finalize or submit your data so you can review them with your accounting department or recipients before sending the data to the IRS or SSA.

We Understand Your Challenges.

You want a simple solution for producing tax statements, either for yourself or for your customers.  You don’t want to install a complicated tax-processing application, you don’t want to modify your existing business practices, and you don’t want to rewrite existing code. 

Our API solution allows you to create, validate, and file tax statements, and you can deploy it without changing your business practices or writing a lot of code.  Our API solution was developed to help companies just like yours and the technology behind it has allowed us to process thousands of statements for our customers.

We have used OtterTax for the last few years to create, submit, and disseminate all of our tax statements. The process has been very smooth and efficient with quick turnaround and responses to any questions from us or contractors. We like the ability for us to use it on a self service option and also getting help from the OtterTax Team when needed.
Alexander Roytenberg
Founder of Integrated CPA

Eliminate Tax Compliance Hassles.

Save Time

Spend minutes intead of hours or days preparing statements.

Reduce Complexity

Create, validate, and transmit statements with simple commands.

Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Deliver high-quality PDF versions of tax statements to your customers and employees.

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