Simplify government reporting with compliance process automation.

Our Solution

OtterTax helps businesses meet their government tax compliance obligations by automating complex and time-sensitive processes including regulatory review, IRS reporting (eFile), and statement production. We support a variety of information return forms including W-2, 1098/1099 series, 1042-S, 1095 ACA, 5498 and more.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee regulatory compliance and remove the risk of government penalties. Also, we believe in helping organizations thrive by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and creating opportunities to focus on mission-critical efforts.

About Us

Our mission is to make tax compliance simple and effective. We spent years navigating the murky waters of government tax regulations and recognized a need for better solutions. We work hard at, and enjoy solving tax regulation puzzles for our customers. OtterTax is a IRS-registered e-services provider based in Astoria, NY.